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CAT therapists in the UK

Short-Term and Long-Term counselling

The information found on this website considers emotional health issues to typically relate to the whole personality as oppose to simply applying to one unique area.  Typically anxiety issues are seen to be symptoms of deeper more broad underlying issues.  In order to address anxiety or emotional health related issues therefore, one might expect the process of change to take many years of work.  If problems and behavioural habits have developed during the many years of our early development, then it may take many years of developing new habits and living within more positive environments for the early developmental defeciets to be compensated for.  If we have emotional health related issues therefore, and we choose to seek the help of a therapist, and we wish to overturn the emotional health related issues we might legitimately expect to continue to seek the support of a therapist for many years, on an ongoing or 'off and on' basis.  There is much to say about this difficult and complex process and I hope one day to have a section of the website dedicated to addressing the issues surrounding finding and maintaining therapeutic support. 

However, in the short-term, I think that many short-term therapies can be instrumental in helping us to address some of the key negative behaviour and thought patterns that we may have developed and which might be serving to perpetuate basic negative life situations.  Before embarking on long-term therapy therefore, I think that good short-term therapy may be a good idea. 

Cognitive Analytic Therapy is one such short-term therapy.  I have provided a link below to the ACAT website a list of UK CAT therapist can be found by following this link.  I obviously cannot vouch for any individual therapist.  With any therapy, I believe (following Sullivan) that progress will be, will be related (to a certain extent) to the strength of trust one feels in their relationship with their counsellor. 

Please click on the link below to be taken to a list of ACAT UK counsellors:

List of private CAT therapists (1)

1) Should you choose to contact a CAT therapist, you do so at your own discression, and Live Live Satisfied will not take responsibilty for the interactions that take place as a result of such contact.