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LLS Therapy Model

Psychoanalysis proposes that much of our behaviour and personality is determined by numerous 'defences'.  It is believed a fundamental aspect of our development is learning how to cope with pain and the difficult situations that occur as part and parcel of being a human being.  We develop defences in order to help us to process pain.  Successful defences help us to face pain and cope with it.  However, Psychoanalysis proposes that if children experience too much pain early in life, defences become maladaptive: they attempt to shield us from pain, and to avoid facing pain.  In these instances, we don't learn to face pain and overcome it, we simply try to avoid thinking about it and pretend it isn't really there. 

Psychoanalysis proposes that anxiety and 'neurotic' or unhealthy behaviour derives from the existence of a proliferation of maladaptive defences.  This section of the website seeks to discuss aspects of our 'personality' that relate to and contribute to our healthy or maladaptive emotional wellbeing.  It is hoped that through better understanding various behaviours that contribute to maladaptive personality 'types', we might be better equipped to understand our own behaviour patterns and how they affect our emotional health.






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1.  LLS New Therapy Model