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Psychoanalytic Theory

Broadly speaking, this website adopts a dual approach in relation discussing issues pertaining to the subject of anxiety. 

  1. It is proposed that emotional conflict typically brings about numerous problems in our everyday life, which contribute to anxiety.  This website adopts a long-term approach to tackling anxiety, in which we attempt to address numerous anxiety related issues including how we deal with organising our personal affairs, addictions, learning to think realistically, how we deal with social interactions, how we deal with guilt and romantic relationships.  In relation to bringing about change in these areas, this website adopts a broadly Cogntivie-Behavioural type approach. 
  2. It is further proposed that anxiety related issues tend to be manifestations of deeper emotional conflicts.  This website draws on Attachment Theory and Psychoanalytic theory in order to better understand the underlying dynamics of emotional conflict.  We are well aware that some psychoanalytic ideas raise a certain amount of scepticism amongst critical thinkers.  Whilst this website does not adopt each and every tenet of Psychoanalysis, we believe that within the broader theory, there lies some of the most pertinent and insightful descriptions of underlying dynamic disturbance. 

Click on the links below to be taken to the following pages

  1. Psychoanalysis: Core principles 
  2. Traumas: Miniature examples of long-term emotional disturbance
  3. Anxiety: How is it caused?
  4. Anxiety and impulse control
  5. Association: Some problems are really disguises of deeper problems
  6. This website's model for treatment of anxiety